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                                                                                                                                Kibbutz Urim, Israel                                    


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A Few of the Galleries (please click on a picture, or use the master menu further below)
PLEASE NOTE:  the more recent works appear only under the above
"works according to year"classification.
Hillock Stunted Cypresss II, oil landscape
                painting on canvas
Cypresses in the Wadi

Summer's End
                no. 2, 2006, oil on canvas, see Acacia page 3

The Acacia Tree....
Gully Slope, 2006,
                oil on canvas
Wadi Explorations

Sabra With Yellow Flowers, oillandscape painting on

Sabra Cactus..

Kav Noa
                irriogation machine - oil painting

Kav-Noa irrigation Machine

Fata Morgana -
The Ancient Mound (Tel)
late afternoon, oil
                landscape paintng on canvas
The Gully

Self Portraits

Valley in Winter - oil landscape painting
                on canvas

The Land

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Panoramic Views
The Land   I
The Land II
The Land III
The Land IV
The Land V
         Wadi explorations, new motifs
     Land and Sky
     Seasons of Wheat
     The Verdant Season
     The TEL (ancient mound)
     The Gully
     The Acacia Tree- PART ONE
           The Acacia Tree  - PART TWO
           The Acacia Tree  - PART THREE
           The Acacia Tree  - PART FOUR
           Acacia Paintings in Private Collections
           The Far-Afield Tree
     Trees Trees Trees- Palm, Eucalyptus, Cypress, Tamarisk.......
     Trees and Groves
     Cypresses in the Wadi

     The Sabra Cactus PART ONE
           The Sabra Cactus PART TWO
           The Sabra Cactus PART THREE
           The Sabra Cactus PART FOUR
           Sabra Paintings in Private and Corporate Collections
                                   In Memory of Asim Abu-Shakra
The Canadian Shield Series

      Elements in the Landscape
      Kav-Noa (irrigation machine)
      The Arabesque Mandala Series
            More Mandalas
            More Mandalas and Related Works
      Non-Figurative Works I
            Non-Figurative Works II
            Non-Figurative Works III
      Other Paintings
      Self Portraits  I
      Self Portraits  II
      Ron Gang talks about his ideas and art

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Ron Gang, Kibbutz Urim, D. N. HaNegev, 85530 Israel
telephone: 972-8-992-0561 (from overseas)
08-992 0561 (within Israel)


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some of Ron Gang's paintings also may be seen at:

The Stern Gallery

30 Gordon St., Tel-Aviv
10:00 - 13:00 , 17:00 - 20:00
Friday 10:00 - 14:00
30 Gordon St. Tel Aviv
Summer Exhibition,
new works of Ron Gang  on display

a good selection of works is in Toronto-
please contact Ron for further details

Ron Gang Interviwed on Israel TV 1
painting on location and in his studio
(click on image)
for English subtitles, watch on YouTube, and click the CC button at the lower right