Starlight Or Spotlight, It’s All Wonderful Tonight In Toronto!

Toronto has long been thought of by many individuals as a rather quaint city, largely because it is located in a cold climate region. Most people who have never been to Toronto fail to recognize how progressive the city really is and how much influence it has on fine arts. This is an unfortunate mistake, as the city offers many opportunities with regard to the arts, both for those who make art their passion and for those who merely enjoy it.

It is unfortunate that many cities gain something of a stigma when it comes to the way individuals Read the rest of this entry »

Galleries To Visit While Exploring Toronto

Exploring Toronto is certainly exciting, and this statement is even more true for people who love art. You’ll absolutely find an array of galleries that are pleasing to the eye, but which ones should you visit? First, figure out how much time you have and how many galleries you’ll be able to see. It’s important to dedicate enough time to actually observe and appreciate the pieces.

Then, you want to decide what type of art it is that you like. Do you prefer to see all of Read the rest of this entry »

What Makes Toronto Appealing To Artists?

Like all major metropolitan areas, Toronto is home to a number of diverse cultures that make it very appealing to artists of all kinds. The city of Toronto is home to more than 70 film festivals, over 200 professional performing arts organizations, internationally recognized symphony orchestras, ballet and theater companies and countless museums and art galleries. The ten city-owned museums in Toronto contain a total of 147,000 artifacts and one million archaeological specimens. Toronto is also home to 66 percent more artists than any other Canadian city and has one-fourth Read the rest of this entry »

Art Lovers Have A Home In Toronto

There are many world-class art galleries to be found in Toronto, Canada and if you know where to look you can find some of the most diverse collections in the country. As a Texan, I know a thing or two about art and I recently took the time to visit the far north and see some of these galleries. All I needed was some driving directions, time to pack a few things. Then I switched on the ADT Dallas service and was ready to go. Here are a few of the galleries I visited:

1. The Power Plant – If what you are looking for in the world of art is a little on the contemporary side then you will find everything you need with this diverse and expansive collection of art spanning various genres including photography, film, installation and other forms of media.

2. The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) – Even the building itself is a work of art with complex structures and abstract shapes and forms obscuring the real treats inside.

3. The Art Gallery of Ontario – There are more than 30,000 works spanning from 100 AD straight on into the present. It’s no wonder the AGO is one of the largest art museums in North America.

Toronto’s Take On Modern Art Presentations

Toronto’s take on modern art is called Art Toronto 2011. It will occur from October 28 until October 31 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. Art Toronto will hold a special preview night on October 27. The show will run from noon until 8 pm each day. Those wanting to attend can buy tickets for the event online starting in September. The event will benefit the Art Gallery of Ontario. Visitors to Art Toronto will be able to visit presentations by over 100 artists from 13 different countries. Visitors Read the rest of this entry »

Living Artsy In The City Of Toronto

Public art is free and available for anyone to stop and take a look. The city of Toronto offers the public an opportunity to view many different kinds of function and form.
Toronto has over 200 public art items that can be found in large squares, parks, courtyards and streets. The pieces serve to commemorate historical events and personalities as well as to create a thought provoking experience for the viewers.
Public art is just one aspect of the world of art in Toronto. Toronto hosts many art fairs, offers tours to Read the rest of this entry »

Meet Toronto’s Local Artists, Today’s Showcase Is:

Most artists would consider it a tragedy if all of thei works were stolen from a gallery. However, Eva Lewarne considered it an honor when all of her works were stolen from the Grand Palais in Paris, because, “that was where Picasso was discovered.” (Lewarne, Lewarne graduated from Ontario College of Art where painting was her specialty. She said that during her time there all she did was paint and drink coffee. Her paintings depict Read the rest of this entry »

Love Your Local Art Gallery, Visit This One Today!

An unassuming entrance pulls you to a whole new world of treasures,, nestled in the center of the city. Planted in the shadows of larger galleries, but growing in popularity and certainly not forgotten. Upon entering the gallery, you are immediately overcome with the great talent of the artists that bare their creative souls, waiting for you to discover their works. When searching for fresh and exciting new art from the local artist, this is where your Read the rest of this entry »