Ron Gang, painter

Born 1950, Canada.
Graduate of University of Toronto in Philosophy and Middle Eastern studies.
Moved to Israel in 1972, lives on Kibbutz Urim in the Western Negev.
Member of Israel Association of Painters and Sculptors, Jerusalem Branch.
Art Studies: 
1980 - 1984, Ma'ale Ha'Bsor School 
1984 - 1987, Tel-Aviv School of Art (Kalisher)
Group Exhibitions: 
1985 - Eshkol Hall
          1987 - Kalisher 5 Gallery (Tel Aviv)
          1990 - Beer Sheva Museum of Israeli Art.
          1991 - Eshkol Hall 
-TziUrim Gallery (Kibbutz Urim) 
-Beer Sheva Museum of Israeli Art
1992 -TziUrim Gallery
          1993 - Beer Sheva Museum of Israeli Art.
-TziUrim Gallery 
1994 - Artists' House, Jerusalem 
-"Art-Focus", TziUrim Gallery
1998 - HaKibbutz Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv
"An Innocent Exhibition" (special show comemmorating Israel's 50th Anniversary)
-Engel Gallery, Tel-Aviv
-Illuminary Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1999 - Engel Gallery,  Tel-Aviv
         - TziUrim Gallery, 
2000 - HaKibbutz Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv
         - TziUrim Gallery
2001 -  TziUrim Gallery
2002 - TziUrim Gallery
- The Westdale Gallery, Hamilton, Canada
2003 - Stern Gallery , Tel-Aviv - "Here and There in the Land of Israel"
- Gallery Hittite, Toronto, Canada
2004 - Stern Gallery, Tel-Aviv
 - Start Art Gallery, Tel- Aviv
- Danart Gallery, Bnei Tzion Village
2005- Stern Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2006- Stern Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2007 - Hakibbutz Gallery of Israeli Art, Tel-Aviv
          - Outdoor Museum -  Petah Tikva City Hall
2008 - Galeria Pedro Gerson, Centro Deportivo Israelita. Mexico City
            -Stern Gallery - Tel-Aviv
            -HaGalleria, Kibbutz Be'eri
            -The White House, Kibbutz Nir-Oz
            -City Gallery, Ashkelon
2009  -Stern Gallery - Tel-Aviv
           -Gallery, Kibbutz Hatzerim
           -The White House, Kibbutz Nir-Oz
            -City Gallery, Ashkelon
            -Mexico House - Kibbutz Gvulot
            -Embassy of Mexico, Tel-Aviv

2010   -TziUrim Gallery
            -Stern Gallery, Tel-Aviv

 2011   -Gallery, Kay College, Beer Sheva
             -Stern Gallery, Tel-Aviv
             -Gallery,Menscher Art Scool, Tel-Aviv
             - Gallery Pedro Gerson, Centro Deportivo Israelita. Mexico City
 2012    -HaGaleria, Be'eri

2014  -  Gallery Zemel, Jaffa Port

2015 -   Beit Yad LeBanim Gallery - Rishon LeZion
2017 -   Yad Tebenkin Museum
2018 -   the White House, Kibbutz Nir Oz
2019 -   Tel-Aviv Miseum of Art, Helena Rubenstein Pavillion
               (part of Tamar Hirschfeld's exhibition)

Solo Exhibitions: 

1992 - TziUrim Gallery
1993 - "Fata Morgana", TziUrim Gallery
1995 - "Bab El Wadi", TziUrim Gallery 
1996 - Artists' House, Jerusalem
1997 - "Threads", TziUrim Gallery
1999 - "The Eternal Now", TziUrim Gallery
2000 - "Uncurable Romantic", TziUrim Gallery 
2001  -"Deja Vu", TziUrim Gallery 
-  HaGaleria -  Kibbutz Be'eri 
         - "The Colours of Israel", Westdale Gallery, Hamilton Canada
2002 - "The Path", TziUrim Gallery
2003 - Be'er Tzeva Gallery, Beersheba
         - "Nova", TziUrim Gallery
2004 - "Observation", TziUrim Gallery
2005 - Recent Works, TziUrim Gallery
          -  Cecile & Harry Pearl Gallery, Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto Canada
2006 - "Seasons",  TziUrim Gallery
2007 - TziUrim Gallery - recent work
           -the Whie House Gallery (Kibbutz Nir-Oz)
           -Stern Gallery, Tel-Aviv "The Land of the Sabra"
2009 - Tziurim Gallery
2010 - Tziurim Gallery
2012 - Dr Max and Gianna Glassman Center (AACI), Jerusalem
          - TziUrim Gallery
          - Bar-Kot Club, Beersheva
2013 - TziUrim Gallery
2014 - Galleria Hakitor, Kibbuz Magen
          - TziUrim Gallery    
          - Eshkol Auditorium
2015  -Tziurim Gallery
          -Neve Eshkol Centre
2016 - Tziurim gallery
2017 -Leonardo Gallery, Tel-Aviv
          -Yad Tebenkin Museum, Ramat Efal
          -Eshkol Auditorium
 2018- Tziurim Gallery
 2019- The White Gallery, Kibbutz Hatzor

Ron Gang, Box 122, Kibbutz Urim, D.N. HaNegev, 85530, Israel
telephone 972-8-992-0561



Ron Gang's paintings on book covers:
left: Kenneth Roseman's "Jeremiah's Promise",UAHC Press, New York, 2001( painting: "Winter Gully")
right: Yoshi Nomura, Henry J M Nouwen "Weisheit aus der Wuste" (Desert Wisdom: Sayings of the Desert Fathers),
              Herder Spektrum, Freiburg Germany,2001 (painting:"Burning Bush Acacia")



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Ron Gang

Box 122, Kibbutz Urim, 85530 D N Negev, Israel
Email: (click here)

telephone: 972-8-992-0561 (from overseas)
08-992 0561 (within Israel)

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