the art of  Ron Gang


Acacia in West Field, 2001, oil on canvas, approx.100 x 134 cm., 39" x 53"


the Acacia Series

The Acacia tree, referred to in the Bible as the Shitta, is widespread in the Savannahs of Africa. Its farthest northern habitat is Israel's Negev region. The tree, from which the Biblical Ark of the Covenant was constructed, is sacred to the Bedouins. A vow taken under the tree may not be broken. When migrating to other grazing grounds, the nomads of the Sinai desert hang their extra belongings from the boughs of this tree for storing, confident that no one will steal their goods from this holy tree....
This is a special tree... growing in this arid land apparently against all odds, and is a source of fascination for me.


Ripe Wheat and Acacia , 2012, oil on canvas,  approx. 75 x 100  cm

Summer's End no. 2, 2006, oil on canvas, 80 x 80 cm, 31" x 31"

Mid-Summer Morning Acacia, 2013, oil on canvas 45 x 60 cm,,  18" x  23"


Alon Acacia , 2002-3
oil on canvas, 60 x  120 cm., 24" x 47"  

Mid-Summer Afternoon Acacia, 2013, oil on canvas 75 x 76 cm,,  29" x  29"


The Rains Will Surely Come, 2003, oil on canvas, 60 x 97 cm., 24" x 38"



Far Afield Tree on Ploughed Ground, 2001, 55 x 75 cm, 22" x 30"



Acacia, Wheat Field and Daisies, 2001, oil on canvas, 73 x 99 cm., 29" x 38"

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