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Signal Corps U.S. Army Loudspeaker LS-3, 1943

Hallicrafters Mfg. SN. 1342

This speaker is a good match for any of the BC-3xx line of WWII recievers. The LS-3 was made by several manufacturers; this one, by Hallicrafters. The jack on the front is the only way to attach an audio line,  making it an easy hook-up from your phone output on the receivers. I use it with my BC-348P now & the BC-344D as the need arises.

A very rugged design, as shown below, this unit was very dirty on the outside, but the inside was as pristine as the day it left the factory.

After dismantling, the outside of the case and the vented grill got a good scrubbing with Simple Green®, removing decades of grime and leaving the wrinkle finish a bit dull. Since the inside was practically sealed, the internal components just got a gentle wipe-down to freshen them up.

The grill and case received a light dusting of Rust-oleum Crystal Clear Enamel® to protect the wrinkle finish and put the gloss back. Also added were some clear rubber feet to prevent scratcing and provide a bit of traction. After assembly, the screw heads were touched-up with Krylon Wrinkle Finish® using a brush.

If you find one and it’s not too much, get it. They’re esay to restore and worst case scenario, you can replace all the guts and visually nobody will be the wiser.