Amateur Radio Operation in Israel for the
MACCABIAH GAMES ended 21-07-05 at 24:00 UTC. Tks all !


is proud to announce the activity honoring the 17th MACCABIAH GAMES
scheduled to be held in Israel between 10th-21st  July, 2005.
The activity is open to all Radio Amateurs & S.W.Ls around the world.  (Chairman's letter here

General description of the operation:

14 Special Event Stations will be active for 30 days beginning June 21st (20 days prior to the official opening of the games) until July 21st (final day of games). 12 of these stations contain a letter in their suffix from which the word “MACCABIAH” can be spelled. The other two stations provide a wildcard ("joker") to assist the task.

Callsigns for the participating stations are:

Group A:4X17M4X17A4X17C4X17B4X17I4X17H
Group B:4Z17M4Z17A4Z17C4Z17B4Z17I4Z17H



1. Contacts with the participating stations must be made on the same mode at the dates
   specified. One VHF contact or a minimum set of 6 HF contacts is  absolutely  required for the
 AWARD as follows:

    For stations inside
    I.A.R.U  Region I:
HF:   Either the 6 suffixes M,A,C,B,I,H or any 5 plus one MG Joker.
VHF: One special event station.
    For stations outside
    I.A.R.U  Region I:

Same rules as above. However for HF, only 4 different suffixes suffice plus two MG Jokers.
(In this case, the same MG joker on a different date or mode or band counts as a second Joker. We know that DX might need extra help.....)

 See examples
    Note 1: (all regions)

Unique recognition will be available for stations having the maximum set of 9 HF contacts for the entire "MACCABIAH" word. (8 QSOs from both groups A+B and one joker for the third "A").


2. Modes : Phone (SSB, FM), CW, Digital (RTTY PSK31).                                         

3. Bands   :160m - 10m for HF, 6m for VHF.

4. Awards: A special colorful Award will be issued upon request to stations having the valid
    contact(s) with 4X17 / 4Z17 stations.
    The award is managed by I.A.R.C Award manager, & the fee is 10 $. 

5. QSL: All valid contacts will be acknowledged with a special QSL card and will be sent via the
    IARC bureau. Direct requests (SAE + shipping fees) will be answered directly.
    QSL manager is: Isaac 4Z4TL.

6. LOGS: on-line logs will be available if possible.                                             

Communicating with  "4X17" Maccabiah Games
 stations couldn't be simpler !

 Please look for us Starting June 21st 2005.

We  hope to meet  many of you on the air.

 Shalom  & 73 de


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