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Paul Gross - 4X6UU Israel

Member of Israel Amateur Radio Club

That's me

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The 4Z7M boys

The 4Z7M team in the 1991 CQWW DX contest. I am the one in the middle.From left to right: 4X4YM Dany Roth,4X6UT Haim Ken-Tor,4X6ZI Haim Siman-Or, Myself 4X6UU Paul Gross,4X6MI Azar Hemi,4Z4KM Miha Klein and 4X1OM Israel Berku.

Click on the name of my sons to see them:Noam ..Yoav .. Nir.. and Gil

This is how the Mediteranean sea looks from my town, Natanya, as photographed by Rajya, SM0HNV.

Would you like to see how Natanya looked years ago?,Press here!




Amateur Radio Links

Ham related search engine by 4Z5LZ
Israel Amateur Radio Club
The American Radio Relay League
RTTY Journal contest rules
Amateur radio Information
The QRZ Call sign Database
Islands on the web
The Northern California Chapter of Chaverim
HENRY Amplifiers for LESS from RADIODAN W7RF

Israel Amateur's Personal Home-Pages

4X6LM's Home-Page -- Shlomo Mussali..the editor of Ha-Gal
4Z5AY's Home-Page-- Yacov and hundreds of other links
4X1MK's Home-Page -- Ron Gang and his paintings
4Z4ABA Asi's Home-Page -- Asi is not in Israel now , but he is on the Internet
4X6UO Arie's Home-Page -- The DX'er
4X6UV Eli's Home-Page -- We had the ham exams together..
4Z1JS Doctor Shehter's Home-Page
4Z4KM Miha Klein's Home-Page
4Z4DX Dov Gavish's Home-Page
4X6KJ ,Joe, President of I.A.R.C.
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Places in Israel

Start--All you want to know about Israel
Isracam--Live Cameras from diferent places in Israel
Metropolis--Israel's food and tickets online service
Israel on line--
Virtual Tour of Jerusalem-- Visit the Holly City
The holy Half Shekel-The Holy Half Shekel isued for Israel's 50-th Anniversary
Bezeq Israel's phone company
Globes-- If you are interested in money
Speed traps in Israel
Children's chanel

General Interest Places

Cheats for all the games--
Weather: Middle East Satellite image-- Is it raining in Israel?
Lots of cooking recipes-- Any kind of food...
Cool Site of the Day-- It will take you to an other site randomly every day
All the possible cracks!!!!
The Family Tree Maker --
The cracker's heaven --
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