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Kenwood TS-480 sniffer

Get the serial data from Kenwood RS232 port which connected to PC and managed by some HAM software like N1MM or AAlog3. Arduino Mega 1280 serial port ( conected to PCs COM RX line. The data outputs from Arduino to KS0108 128x64 GLCD . Also used RS232 to TTL converter based on MAX232CPE. This project is part of Arduino based Solid State HF PA, but may be used like band decoder for atomatic antenna selector with ULN2003 and etc.

Download sketch

TRX TS-480
Arduino GLCD
RS232 to TTL

Kenwood TM-D710 PKWDWPL parser

Get the serial data from Kenwood GPS port which connected to Arduino board with GPS connected. This parser will make strings of WP and display them on LCD TFT 1.8" display.

KJ7U screwdriver antenna controller

SWR bridge connected to arduino board with 10A DC motor driver. While moving antenna up or down, controller will stop the DC motor on best SWR position.